Workshop of drawing / mai 2014 / BEAUVAIS #3

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On Saturday, 17 and Sunday, 18 may 2014


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The nude, drawing the body and soul,
the model as subject
depersonalising (or not) the subject,
adjusting the easel, sharpening the charcoal,
lighting the model, the model’s emotion,
our emotion, left hand,
two-handed technique,
photographic framing and cropping,
geographical mobility, layout,
shortcuts, handling and line,
drawing from within,
on mass and shadow, visual sharpness,
speed of execution, working eyes closed,
the obligation to produce,
doing your best, the artist’s style,
drawing the model in motion,
competence and incompetence,
love of paper, proportions or poetry,
urgency, the model’s fatigue,
energy, concentration, letting go,
a vision of the world,
the sensuality of the hand…

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Virginie et Jean-Claude VASSELLE

03 44 48 08 95 / 06 75 24 60 98